Can I travel within Australia?

Yes. You do not need permission from your Trustee to travel within Australia or to Australian islands (e.g. Norfolk Island).

Can I travel overseas?

You can travel overseas, for work or for a holiday, if you have permission from your Trustee.

To request permission, generally you will be required to complete a form and submit your proposed itinerary for the Trustee to review. The Trustee will want to know who will be paying for the trip, when you want to go and when you plan to return, the reason for travelling, and whether there is any reason to suspect you will not return to Australia. If you have provided assistance to the Trustee with handling your bankruptcy and have met all of your obligations as a Bankrupt, in most cases you will be given permission to travel.

If the Trustee declines your permission to travel you can:

  • Contact the Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA) Client Services on 1300 364 785
  • Apply to the Court under section 178 of the Bankruptcy Act for a review of the Trustee’s decision to decline your travel request. You should seek your own legal advice if you choose this option.

You can hold and even apply for a new passport whilst bankrupt. The Trustee is allowed to ask you to submit your passport for the duration of your bankruptcy. However, this rarely occurs in most situations.